Devices in the not so distant future

We’ve collected a couple examples of screens that display information that is currently available. While pocket mobile devices have been around for a while now, those screens are starting to get bigger and are being found in vehicles, appliances and environments that only a couple years ago that might not have been possible.

Green energy Volkswagen bus concept comes iPad ready

Mobile devices like the iPhone made it convenient to check headlines quickly from favorite news sources, status updates on Facebook or the latest links being shared on Twitter. Those type of activities are perfect for short bursts of time while waiting in line or perhaps walking down the street. However those activities really couldn’t be transferred to driving. VW has a concept vehicle that includes a dock for an iPad that shows a number of potential activities that could be displayed while driving. In the press photos the iPad shows directions, the current time, what music is playing, the temperature & forecast, and the number of messages on the phone and sms. Whether a screen displaying that information is legal while driving should be a consideration, fun questions about other functionality is what we’d like to mention. What else could that screen do?

Having a touchscreen like the iPad docked inside a vehicle turns a static dashboard into a multi–sensor system that not only optimizes existing patterns like fuel efficiency but manages activities that wouldn’t have been possible with a touchscreen or or voice activated device. Simple activities like comparing costs or complex home management issues would have to be dealt in a different manner. Now a person can choose basically anything they want that is measurable, compare and make a decision fast. Before those things would have to be done behind a desk, now it can be completed where the driver decides to make the decision.

Corning: A Day Made of Glass

Corning’s video expands on the lifecycle of the touch screen and shows the potential of a full day’s worth of things that are pretty close to being possible today. The video shows a family from the beginning of the day, at work to finally winding down at the end of the day. Just like in the VW vehicle, things that can be measured play a prominent role. Information like time, temperature, news, schedules and selection of products plays a significant role. A further extension is how easy images are to scale whether they’re static photos or moving videos. They also show how easy it could be to pass information from screen to screen and devices.

Touchscreen Stove called the William

The WIlliam extends the idea of the touchscreen by figuring out a way make the heatable surface more efficient and manageable. Once an pot is placed on the stove it is given a number on the screen that can be controlled via temperature and measured by weight and given auto features. While an ordinary stove depending on size can only cook a handful of items, the scale multiplies when objects can be controlled individually on a flat surface. What was interesting to note from the video is that is kept the time and timer functionality as it didn’t want to stray too far from what people are used to.

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