Kindle Fire: How to download any book for free

At Gesture Theory, we test a ton of tablets to get a further understanding of the tablet landscape. It also helps with our alpha release of our tablet publishing platform: This week we received the Kindle Fire and have been playing around with it. First impressions, for a v1, it’s a very good implementation and is a great complement to a full size tablet, not a replacement for.

In the course of testing, we found a very interesting bug that probably came about due to some interesting UI decisions. Using the Kindle Fire for the Kindle’s original intent – consuming books – led us to browsing the Books Store.

When you find a book you like, you can click “Buy for $xx.xx” and there are no further prompts. Amazon wants you to not think twice about purchasing the book so starts the download immediately. If you accidentally bought the book, you can quickly click the “cancel” link before the download is complete.

Kindle Fire Free eReader 003

Kindle Fire Free eReader 004

Kindle Fire Free eReader 005


Even though you cancel the download and get a confirmation message, the download still continues on the homepage. The way we figure it, it takes Amazon a few seconds to send the “kill” action to the Kindle device. During that time, you can quickly go to the homepage and you will have access to the book.


If you open the book, it will continue the download and you have full access to the book. The Kindle does receive the “kill” action on the book but if you are in the middle of reading it, the Kindle will not close the book, which is another UI decision.

Kindle Fire Free eReader 008

Kindle Fire Free eReader 009

The caveat is that if you exit out of the book, it then gets deleted so you have to read it in one sitting. We at Gesture Theory in NO WAY condone doing this to receive free books – as such it’s pretty unfeasible unless you want to use the Kindle to read only one book at a time. We are just pointing out a bug that will hopefully get fixed sooner than later. On to a bug report.

UPDATE We found that if we stay in the book for an extended period of time, the “kill” action expires and you do indeed keep the book.



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